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Black Tie:
Formal attire is normally required.  A tuxedo with a black bow tie, vest or

cummerbund is not required. You could be original and show your personality

with a different color or style tie, vest or cummerbund.
Tuxedos are not required.  Any style tuxedo or dark suit could be worn.

A tuxedo dinner jacket might look nice, usually white or cream

with black pants.
White Tie:
Formal evening dress such as a tuxedo.  This is more upscale than a

black tie affair.  Black full dress and white tie & vest.  Very Formal.
Black Tie Requested:
Host would prefer a tuxedo be worn.  It is customary to wear a dark

colored tuxedo to these events.
Black Tie Invited:
Tuxedo would be normally worn to such an occasion, although not

required.  However, it is better to be over dressed than under dressed.