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Since 1965"

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Expert Tailoring...

The following is a list of alterations that Jonathan Reid offers, for a fee, to insure you have an impeccable fit:


Take in/let out seams

Take in center back seam


Shorten/lengthen sleeves (possible up to

3/4 of an inch,

due to functioning buttonholes)

Shorten sleeves from shoulder

Add shoulder padding



Take in/let out seat

Take in/let out waistband

Take in waist over 3 seams

Tapering upper-leg

Tapering lower-leg

Being a tailor for Jonathan Reid isn't just a job, it turns out to be

somewhat of a legacy.

Karen Hamel has been with Jonathan Reid for 39 years.

She was trained by her Aunt Joyce who was an original employee and

tailor for the company with it's inception in 1965. 

Joyce eventually passed the torch or more appropriately,

her needle and thread, onto Karen and she has been here ever since.

In 2000 Karen started her own tailoring business out of her home as

well as working for Jonathan Reid.

Meanwhile she has raised, with the help of her husband

Dave, 3 children and now is enjoying her 2 grandchildren.

Jonathan Reid is honored to have Karen as our tailor and

a member of our family!